Friday, July 16, 2010

Book of Love - Knight Angels by Abra Ebner

Knight Angels: Book One: Book of Love
Title: Book of Love, Knight Angels
Author: Abran Ebner
Paperback: 368 pages
Published: April 7, 2010
Reading Level: YA
My copy: Around the World Tours
My rating: 3.5 out of 5 wicked hearts

Blurb from

When seventeen-year-old Jane Taylor witnessed her father's death, something happened to her. Ever since, her thoughts have been consumed by death, going so far as to foresee the ever-changing deaths of those around her. Sixteen-year-old Emily Taylor resented her sister's closeness with their father, who died when she was six. With the strange ability to read minds, she drowns the voices out with drugs, sending Jane over the edge. When seventeen-year-old Wes Green was adopted, he moved in next door to Jane, finding in her a childhood friend turned high-school crush. All summer, the pain in his bones seemed unwarranted. He was done growing long ago. When senior year starts, however, the pain only gets worse. The foreseen changes are not expected, and far too animal for his taste. When Max Gordon found himself standing above the dying body of an innocent seven-year-old girl, he saw in her eyes something he hadn't seen in the century he'd spent roaming Earth. Her father was already dead, but there was hope to save her. Jane was her name, and already she was all he ever wanted. It was his job to bring her back, and it was his job to protect her - the biggest mistake of his life. When these four teens enter Glenwood High their senior year, no one but Max could understand the future ahead of them. Drawn together by blood and friendship, they each hide a dark secret that will soon bind them together. Max has to protect Jane, Jane wants to be normal, Wes wants Jane to love him, and Emily just wants the voices to stop... But their fate just wants them dead. 

My quick wicked thoughts...this book has everything! Guardian angels, shape shifters, mind readers and people that can see your death!

Why I was tempted to read just sounded good from the blurb, and like I said has everything!

Cover's pretty, I assume that is Jane on the cover

Romance Meter...there was definitely enough opportunity for it! And I would say this is an upper level YA due to the reference to sex and drugs.

Character and Plot...I really really liked this book except for one thing.  At times the characters (specifically Jane, Wes and Emily) were SO self absorbed and selfish I just wanted to slap them! I am hoping that is a first-book-in-the-series thing because I really enjoyed the story, plot and romance.  There is a lot of bouncing around from different characters POV's, but this didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.  I really loved the Max character and despite the other irritating me at times, I really want to read the second in the series which I hear is due out at the end of summer/early fall.  I am hoping that the characters have moved past some of their insecurities and we can get to getting back at the "bad guy" :)

The Ending...the ending was good and drama filled but the solution to saving people was found a little easy for my taste.  It almost wrapped up a little too quickly.

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