About Me

I am a 30-something long-time book lover.  I started a blog as a creative outlet for my love of books and to share my thoughts with others that like to read the same types of books.  I used to only read historical romance type books and my step daughter FINALLY talked me into reading Twilight, I didn't expect to like it.  I have to say, Twilight is like a gateway book drug, it showed me a world I had no idea that existed and I have never looked back.  

I mainly concentrate on reading YA paranormal and Adult paranormal type books now, I love the imaginations of the authors, I am awed!  I am not, nor ever will be a writer, I don't even tease myself with thoughts of that, so I applaud them in the hard roads they have chosen. 

I live in the middle of nowhere Texas in a town that doesn't have much of Library and doesn't have any bookstores (I don't consider Wal-mart a book store, their selection is just SAD), so I do a lot of trading of books on swaptree and paperbackswap and ordering off the internet.  I do not yet have an e-reader but I hope to have one someday, it gets old reading on your laptop and iphone!  I am happily married with one step daughter, one grand daughter, 2 border collies (spaz dogs), and 1 moody cat.

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