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Review: My Soul to Keep (ARC) by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, Book 3)
Title: My Soul to Keep
Author: Rachel Vincent
Published: June 2010
Paperback: 304 pages
Reading Level: YA
My copy: Rec'd from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
My rating: 4 out of 5 wicked stars

 Blurb (from

Kaylee and Nash discover that one of his football teammates is addicted to Demon's Breath, a dangerous Netherworld substance that shouldn't even be available in the human world. To save their friends from insanity--and possibly death--they must figure out how the Demon's Breath got into their world and somehow dispose of it, as well as cutting off the supply--without socially alienating themselves. And in the course of their investigation, Kaylee discovers a deeper plot by a powerful Netherworld demon to open a path between the worlds and pull humans into the Netherworld so that he can steal their souls and imprison their bodies. Along the way, she also discovers someone close to her has been hiding a deadly addiction as well... 
My thoughts...
My Soul to Keep is the 3rd in the Soul Screamers series and to get the background on the characters, I would recommend you reading My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save.  In this third book, Kaylee and Nash are trying to save their friends from the toxic, addictive substance referred to as Demon's Breath that is being passed around their school.  Friends are falling victim to this drug and Kaylee is determined to figure out how it is getting into her world since there are not many people that can go back and forth carrying it.

I enjoyed this book as much as the two before it, still feeling frustrated at times because of Kaylee's stubbornness to never get help from those people that are older and wiser.  That being said, this book shakes up friendships, relationships and thoughts you had about main characters.  The book jumps from one drama-filled situation to another while they are trying to get to the bottom of Demon's Breath so it is easy to get sucked in and be unable to put the book down!
I did like being surprised in the way the book shook up Kaylee's world and I have to say I looked at one of the characters in a new light.  I won't tell you who, so I can keep this review spoiler free, but it makes me wonder if Rachel has him in the running romantically speaking for book 4.  YAY Team...oh I can't tell you!  ha ha

Book 4 is titled My Soul to Steal and is coming out January 2011.

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