Friday, November 13, 2009


For those that have not heard about it, you should really check out Swaptree. It's pretty simple, just log on, list the books you have you are willing to trade and then enter your wish list. Swaptree will hook you up with others wanting a book you have in return for a book you want, even performing 3 way trades. You can print shipping label or even pay for shipping thru their site.

Easy Peasy...find me on there if you sign up, raycee3.

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Rex's Reading Robot said...

Yes! I'm glad you did a swaptree post! I want more people on there with great books so that I can have better trades... Not that I have any good ones listed right now. (The good ones go quick!)

I'm be a debase rrrr (with no spaces). I know you already found me, but JUST in case someone else wants to ;]

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